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What is Covered in Eagle Landscape Construction Service?

Landscaping is just a part of transformation. Eagle Landscape Construction Service helps our customers to connect with nature, to have an exceptionally pleasing outdoor area, a private retreat, and whatnot. For entertaining space or gatherings of hosts, the landscape construction is at its best.

There are a whole lot of things included in the Eagle Landscape Construction Service. Some of the services are:

  • Hardscaping: We install non-living elements. For example: Pathways, retaining walls, decks, and patios. Also, garden and planter boxes, curbs, and Construction of woods. It also includes fence construction

  • Softscaping: Under softscaping, we plant trees, shrubs, and vegetation. All these enhance the aesthetic appeal of the overall landscape of your lawn. It involves the living elements adapting to the climatic conditions.

  • Driveways: We create interlock driveways, for example, pavers, slabs, stone, and bricks. 

  • Grading: We create slopes, and improve drainage. All these are part of the manipulation of the terrain. Grading requires using heavy equipment, bulldozers, and graders to prepare for the site. Grading helps to provide the ground with the desired slopes.

  • Solution of Drainage: We bring the solution to drainage. Here, the implementation of the system of drainage prevents water buildup, erosion, and other issues.

  • Installation of Lighting and Lawn: We fix outdoor lighting to create ambiance. Under the lawn installation, we ensure there is proper seeding and turf installation to establish green lawns. We also ensure there is outdoor benching.

  • Water Features: This is one of the premium services. In this service, we install fountains, and waterfalls to add visual interest to the landscape.

  • Erosion Control: We implement measures. For instance: Erosion blankets, terracing to prevent soil, etc. It also includes mowing, pruning, and weed control.

Eagle Lawn Care, through creating a balance between manufactured designs and natural landscapes, highlights the beauty of outdoor features. Bringing your lawn to order with slight changes boosts the property value.

Foundation Work before starting the Eagle Landscape Construction Service

Foundation work, here means the pre-preparation that comes into use. For instance:

  • Design and Prep-Work: We come up with designs and ideas. Our professional team members craft ideas from scratch to bring unique things.

  • Plans and Paperwork: We draw up plans and other paperwork. It includes intimated plans, preparation costs, and quotations. 

  • Reshaping Landscape: The Eagle Landscape Construction Service helps to reshape terraces, lawns, and other planting areas. 

  • Routine Maintenance: In this service, we trim, cleanse, seed, and edge the overall routine service of the landscape. 

Why Should You Consider Eagle Landscape Construction Service?

Our overall idea at Eagle Landscape Construction Service is to curb the appeal of your lawn. Regardless of size, scope, or upgrades, our service ensures a positive impact on the values. 

Besides, our priority is to complete the project quickly. The objective is to adopt the quality materials and aesthetic appeals that homeowners want for the property. 

  • Our expert professionals provide guidance and advice upon the assessment of your landscape project. The focus is on your preferences and expectations from our services of landscaping. We recruit members based on their ability to come up with landscape designs. 
  • Before starting the project, we estimate the cost. We prepare quotations for a variety of projects. 
  • We have a separate team of construction knowledge and skills. They come up with softscapes ideas, and horticulture skills.
  • We customize our landscape service as per your preferences, needs, and property needs. We seek advice from landscape architects. Then, we carry out the necessary work with professionals based on the interpretation of the plans. 
  • We have teams of skilled craftsmanship. Our team is attentive to detail in terms of implementing the desired landscaping for your lawn. They complete their project on an agreed-upon timeline. 
  • Throughout the landscape project, our communication with you remains open and transparent. Our team keeps you informed of any progress, and requirements. 
  • Eagle Lawn Care adheres to local regulations. We obtain permits if necessary for the project.
  • Each material used in the construction service is high quality. These materials ensure durability and long-lasting features. 
  • We prepare the site first. It includes grading and soil amendment. All these necessary groundworks were undertaken to conduct construction on your property. 
  • We maintain safety protocols that protect both our professionals and your property.
  • After the construction service, we clean up the site upon completion without causing any disruptions.
  • The company provides guidance, maintenance, and longevity on landscaping features.
  • Overall, we prioritize our customers’ satisfaction and expectations throughout the process. 

Customer Testimonials Of Our landscaping construction

This team is fantastic. If you have grass, you need to treat it. I am now a believer. Thank you for all your help.

-Brent D. Hershey

“Honestly, Eagle Landscape Construction Service is easy to deal with. They provided suggestions, and new ideas to start work right away. For seasonal maintenance, I’ll be hiring them again.”

-Laura J

“I’ll be getting back to this company because of their timely action. My lawn looks aesthetically pleasing now. Thank you so much to the team!”

-Jeff Watson

All Set to Increase Your Property Value?

It is important to ensure that your landscape remains in optimal condition. Lawn Care, Seasonal Clean-Up, and Irrigation System Maintenance all have a hassle-free solution if you are ready to let us do so! If you have already made up your mind to conceptualize your outdoor space, feel free to contact us with the following details:

Phone: Schedule us today at (986) 888-2629

Email: Send your queries to hello@eaglelawncareservices.com

Eagle Landscape Construction Service brings diverse skilled professionals with specialized knowledge and experience. Our multi-disciplined teams will bring the right materials to the right location to make your lawn aesthetically pleasing, and low maintenance. 

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Our Landscape Construction Team

You can feel confident that our Team will take care of your property and your reputation in the neighborhood. All of our staff are English-speaking, non-smokers and are required to pass drug and background tests.

Our Landscape Construction Pricing

You can feel confident that our Team will take care of your property and your reputation in the neighborhood. All of our staff are English-speaking, non-smokers and are required to pass drug and background tests.

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