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Looking for lawn care or Eagle mulch installation in the USA? You’re in luck! Eagle Lawn Care Services has got you covered! From mulch to mowing, we do it all! Residential or commercial, we serve everyone! Call now for a free quote and get 10% off your first service!

Why Choose Eagle Lawn Care Or Eagle mulch Installation Services?

At Eagle Lawn Care Services or Eagle mulch Installation, we’re all about giving you top-notch lawn care. With a solid 10 years in the game, we’ve got the experience to back it up.

Our gear? Just primo stuff. And think about it, what? We are fully licensed, insured and bonded, so your place is safe with us. 

Plus, we don’t bail unless you’re grinning from ear to ear. Here’s why you should roll with us:

  • We are local birders, so we get dirty in your soil and climate.
  • Do we need it at a certain time? No problem, we are super flexible.
  • You’re like family to us, so expect some friendly vibes.
  • Oh, and we’re all about that eco-living, and using only the greenest ingredients.

What is mulch, and why do you need Eagle mulch installation Services?

Mulch is like a funky blanket for your yard. Toss it around, keep things chill, say bye-bye to annoying weeds, and boost your soil’s mojo. Oh, and it’s a style statement too, with all those hues and feels. Dirt? Yep, it’s your soil’s ride or die, keeping the vibes fresh and lively non-stop.

How do you choose the right Eagle Mulch Installation for your lawn?

There’s tons of mulches out there, ya know? And each one’s got its perks and downsides. Like, think about your cash flow, what you dig, and how you spend. Check these out:

Wood chips:

They’re everywhere and can handle a bunch. Chopped up wood, like from pine or cedar. Stick around, look good, and save you some cash. They keep things cozy, fight off weeds, and hold onto moisture. But, they might attract bugs, mold, and even rats. And watch out, they could turn your soil all sour over time.


It’s everywhere and easy on the wallet. Comes from cereal plants like wheat or oats. Light, simple to spread, and doesn’t cost much. But, it rots away quickly, adds good stuff to the soil, and is good for plants. Downside? It might hide pests, seeds, or diseases, and can catch fire fast.

Grass clippings: 

A way to use up your lawn leftovers. Full of nitrogen, which plants love. Break down fast and make soil better. But, they might stick together, block air and water, and have chemicals or weed seeds that could hurt your plants.

Chopped leaves: 

Free and good for the land. It facilitates and stabilizes the passage of water. The downside to it? They can form clumps and block light and kill your plants. In addition, they can attract pests such as flies or snails.


Lots of organic stuff. From old food, garden junk, or plain dirt. Boosts plant food too. But watch out for sneaky weed seeds, germs, or metals that spell trouble. And hey, it might cost a pretty penny depending on where you grab it.

How to Apply Eagle Mulch Installation to Your Lawn?

Alright, let’s talk mulching your lawn. It’s not rocket science, but you got a do it right. Here’s the lowdown:

  1. Prep the spot: Get rid of any weeds or junk cluttering up the place. Trim those edges real nice to keep that mulch in line.
  2. Choose your mulch: Decide what type floats your boat and how much you’re gonna need. Hit up an online tool or chat with someone in the know.
  3. Spread it out: Evenly distribute the mulch using whatever tools you got – rake, shovel, or just your hands. Make it about 1-2 inches thick, leaving some space around your plants.
  4. Give it a drink: Lightly water the mulch to settle it down and keep it moist. Keep an eye on it and add more or take some away as necessary.

How to Maintain Your Mulched Lawn?

Keeping your mulched lawn spiffy isn’t rocket science, but it does need a bit of TLC. Here’s the lowdown:

  1. Nip those weeds: Mulch helps, but pesky weeds might still sneak in. Yank ’em out or zap ’em with a hoe or weed killer. Don’t go overboard or skimp on mulch; it’s a fine line.
  1. Give it a drink: Mulch holds onto moisture, but it’s not a substitute for watering. Keep the H2O flowing as needed, considering the weather and your plant pals. Don’t drown ’em or leave ’em thirsty; balance is key.
  1. Feed the soil: Mulch boosts fertility, but it’s not a meal replacement for your lawn. Sprinkle on some fertilizer now and then, choosing wisely based on your plants and soil. Go organic or slow-release to keep things smooth.
  1. Swap out the old: Mulch has a lifespan, so don’t cling to the past. Replace it annually or every few years, tossing out any dodgy bits. Don’t spread pests or diseases; freshen up for a happy lawn.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Top-notch Service

Ricky Redman says, Nathan and his crew did a great job. Good price, always available. I liked their professionalism and the quality of their work. Eagle Lawn Care is now my go-to for all my lawn needs.

Best in Class

Shelly Hunter shares, We wouldn’t use anyone else for lawn care. Eagle Lawn Care is reliable, efficient, and delivers outstanding results every time.

Customer Service A+ 

M G comments, Great customer service. Eagle Lawn Care staff are attentive, responsive, and always willing to go the extra mile to ensure satisfaction.

Quick and Professional

Shelly Wright notes, Prompt, hard-working, and great results. Be prepared to be amazed. Eagle Lawn Care has truly transformed my outdoor space.

Quality Work, No Sweat

A client from Eagle Outdoor Services says, Excellent suggestions, quality work, and timely completion. Smiles and friendliness even in hot temperatures. Very pleased and will use again.

Green Dreams Achieved

A testimonial from Eagle Lawn and Pest Control states, Great job getting rid of weeds, including those pesky ones that stick to our dog. Fertilization turned our mostly sand/dirt backyard into grassy paradise.

Your Satisfaction Guaranteed

We’re honored by the trust our clients place in us. If you’re not satisfied, we’ll redo it for free. Join our community of happy customers and see the Eagle difference.

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You can feel confident that our Team will take care of your property and your reputation in the neighborhood. All of our staff are English-speaking, non-smokers and are required to pass drug and background tests.

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You can feel confident that our Team will take care of your property and your reputation in the neighborhood. All of our staff are English-speaking, non-smokers and are required to pass drug and background tests.

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